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Our Software is student management and monitoring system that have developed to use for school management purposes....

For Management

"Simplifying Management Efforts" Our software works as a personal assistant to school management and streamlines every administration activity at schools. It offers a convenient way to interact or communicate with your school community or others who are directly or indirectly a part of your school. It is an effective tool which can help you in managing information in the best way. "

For Parents

"A complete solution to track your children performance" Our software facilitates the parents to know everything about their children. It perfectly improves communication between teachers and the management. "Parent Module" is crafted with strong emphasis on what parents can expect or what they look for. Parents who didn't have time to visit school and check their children's studies, but still concerned about their child performance would always love to do all these online. Techno Schools has a separate account maintained for parents. Logging into their account, parents can view reports on attendance of their child, performance at studies or in co-curricular activities etc. They can take a look at the timetable, schedule of the week, reports on tests, exams etc.

For Teachers

"Maximizing teacher performance" Pressure to get good grades in school is not only the concern for students but also for teachers. To make the students perform better, teachers attempt every possible way and practices. Teachers work hard to identify best practices to support struggling students and to bring our more from best performing students. They constantly need to collect huge loads of operational data, reports submitted by students, communicate and collaborate with parents, faculty, students and school management.

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It was a great experience working with you. I truly like your proficiency, expedient responses and friendliness.

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Rain Drop

CEO - Rain Drop


" It was a great experience working with you. I truly like your proficiency, expedient responses and friendliness. We without a doubt will remember for future reference. "


" We have implemented in our school and have been since utilizing it to its full capacity. The hostel and transportation modules, fee collection module have been a revelation. "


"Astounding! is configured for customization. to match the needs of Schools in. Till date, I feel that it is one the best school management system."

Executive Officer

" is a best solution for schools like ours who need a stable, feature-rich, economical ERP product. We are impressed by the dedication and expertise of this team. Cheers to the team. "

Executive Officer